Buckhead Orthodontics offers Invisalign

Invisalign (First, Teen, and for Adults)

For mild to moderate orthodontic problems, Invisalign is also a great option. Invisalign is great for correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues and can now be used with all ages. Not all Invisalign is created equal. At Buckhead Orthodontics, we are able to digitally scan your teeth and treatment plan your case for the most accurate aligner fit. With our Itero intraoral scanner we can perform simulations chairside to help you understand how your teeth will move for your perfect smile! There can be errors with the old way of taking impressions which would slow treatment down. Now we can scan and even see if your teeth are tracking as digitally planned anytime during treatment. Invisalign aligners can be taken out while eating and brushing, which makes keeping your teeth clean much easier.

Invisalign combined with the Propel VPRO+ can speed up treatment for some cases. The VPRO+ is used 5 minutes a day and its high frequency vibrations aides the seating of the aligner on your teeth. You will get more accurate movement out of each aligner, which means less aligners and faster movement. With the VPRO+ you can often change aligners every 7 days for more difficult cases, or 5 days for simpler movements. This is just another example of how Buckhead Orthodontics uses technology to make your treatment easier and more enjoyable.