Screenplay based treatment is avilable at Buckhead Orthodontics

Intra Oral Scanners

At our office we have state of the art intraoral scanners to make your experience more comfortable. No impressions are needed when taking records or making appliances. Appliances and retainers are made from 3D printed models of the intraoral scans that we take. This method creates more accurate and better fitting appliances and retainers. We are able to save your final scan when treatment is over and replace retainers saved from the day your appliances came off to re-align your teeth if they have moved.

Intraoral scanners also play an integral role in our clear aligner treatments. We are able to digitally scan your teeth and use these scans for digital treatment planning with Invisalign. Combined with our 3D printers we can even designed our own aligner system, EvoAligners, that is more customized to your needs with a faster production time. All of this means less treatment time with more accuracy.